After my first operation – a hip replacement – I knew I was going to need another. My hereditary deformity and the problems that it causes me not just with walking sent me to the hospital. My first operation was a hard one in the state hospital in our town. The several weeks lying down, slow recuperation, rehabilitation and the rest put me off another operation for a long time. After a few years, my pain came back, and when I could barely get up from a chair, I began looking for a hospital where I wouldn’t have to stay more than a week and which would provide high-quality rehabilitation, which is really important after an operation. I found the private clinic, Clinica Orthopedica. My daughter made all the arrangements and made an appointment for an initial examination. I had my operation in 3 weeks. Afterwards, I was already able to take a few steps with a crutch on the second day and I went home on the 5th day. Luckily, I had no post-operation complications, and if I ever needed another joint operation, I would certainly go to this hospital. I am still grateful to the doctors, nurses and the whole team at the clinic.