Besides the standard medical procedures, we offer local injection therapy under x-ray guidance for nerve roots and hard-to-access joints. We treat inflammation and damaged joints using blood plasma and blood derivatives as well as local injections of anti-inflammatories and intra-joint nutrients. We use the most modern orthoses for each joint.

Shockwave therapy

This is currently considered to be one of the most modern alternatives to surgery. Where the cartilage of a joint has been damaged, this therapy can increase blood flow and speed up regeneration in the joint. It also helps to relieve back pain by releasing muscle tension. It has an effective and pain-free influence on nerve endings. The high-energy waves can stimulate bone growth and strongly support regeneration processes in tissues. This therapy is effective in reducing muscular tension and dissolving calcium deposits.

Blood plasma therapy

This therapy promotes regeneration and suppresses inflammation. It is used to treat painful damage to joint cartilage, as well as muscle attachments and ligaments damaged due to sports injuries. This solution of natural proteins has no side effects. It can be administered in outpatient care directly to the site of the damaged muscle attachment or joint to suppress inflammation and intensify the regeneration of the cartilage or the surrounding tissue.


Rehabilitation is physical therapy incorporating a full range of electrotherapy and ultrasound techniques. We mainly use “soft” techniques such as manual therapy and continuous passive motion (CPM) devices to improve joint mobility and individual exercises with patients that improve their mobility and strengthen their muscles.

Acute care during outpatient hours

If a patient suffers a sports-related injury that needs immediate treatment, we can provide treatment in our clinic. We offer a full range of health services in our hospital for the urgent treatment of injuries.