The greatest advantage of our clinic is its very tightly focussed yet comprehensive specialisation in health problems affecting the musculoskeletal system of adult patients and its creation of the perfect conditions for fast, high-quality diagnosis, treatment and healthcare.

The overall organisation of the hospital’s activities, its specially trained personnel, its technical equipment and the specialisation of its surgeons are dedicated to one area of medicine in all earnestness and with high professional standards. Our specialists are here for you at any time; they know that your health and a good experience of treatment are important – and therefore we provide a doctor on call service for patients in the diagnostic and treatment process.


Tradition and experience

Since 2005, we have treated a huge number of patients and our medical team has carried out nearly 10,000 successful operations.

High professional standards and quality

We keep ourselves fully abreast of the latest developments in orthopaedics; we follow the latest trends in healthcare materials and operations; we participate in the most important and most prestigious conferences in Europe and the world. We are a training centre for physicians from the medical faculty at Comenius University who wish to become orthopaedists and a training centre for specialists in orthopaedic surgery who want to improve their skills in joint replacement operations supported by the world leader in joint replacements, the US corporation Zimmer. In 2016, we became recognised as a training centre for joint replacement operations by the Zimmer Biomet corporation.


The comfort that our hospital provides for patients matches the standards of a high-class hotel without neglecting your safety or the conditions necessary to ensure the quality of our work. We provide care in superior-quality rooms with the highest quality, super-sterile operating theatre, which provides the highest possible level of sterility in Slovakia, with fully up-to-date instruments and a guarantee of the best specialists in their fields from Slovakia and western Europe. We are a reference centre for one of the leading US medical firms for operating technology and for a leading European firm specialising in the treatment of cartilage.

Equipment and time

Our clinic specialises in operations using the latest generation of artificial joints. We have x-ray and ultrasound diagnostic equipment from one of the world’s top brands. Our hospital has a unique MRI scanner for the targeted examination of joints and the musculoskeletal system. In brief, it has everything it needs to minimise the time needed for your diagnosis and treatment.