Elbow – diagnosis, operation, treatment

Do you feel pain in your elbow whenever you bend your arm? Are you troubled by pain or a loss of mobility in your elbow? You are probably suffering from repetitive strain injury to the muscles in your shoulder and forearm. Don’t waste your money on ointments, gels and painkillers. Replacing medications for effective rehabilitation is more effective and has no side effects.

• Overloading of muscle attachments at the elbow (tennis, golf elbow, biceps)
• Wearing of elbow cartilage
• Fractures in the vicinity of the elbow

• Stabilisation of fractures in the forearm and elbow
• Elbow joint replacement
• Operation for tennis elbow
• Operation for golf elbow

• Treatment with pills and ointments
• Hormonal injections
• Blood component therapy
• Hyaluronic acid injections
• Highly efficient shockwaves
• Rehabilitation
• Food supplements