I spent my whole life working in a factory, so for a long time I had problems with my back and also with my joints and musculoskeletal system. As I got older, the problems got worse, and when I retired, I could only walk with crutches. Local injections, exercises, wraps and electrotherapy did no good anymore. I wanted to be able to move around and at least reduce the pain in my spine and joints. I looked for a hospital where they would be able to help me in a short time. An acquaintance that I used to work with told me about the private orthopaedic clinic and I went to visit it in person. I did some research on the surgeons who operated there and the facilities and the services it offered. I was impressed by the friendly staff and the friendly approach of the doctor who carried out the initial examination, where they found that I had some slipped discs. I had an operation within two weeks, and within three months I could put away my crutches. Thank you to all the staff at the clinic for helping me to walk without crutches.