Several years ago, I was supposed to go for an operation but I put it off because I was afraid. Eventually, my daughter made me an appointment with the private clinic Clinica Orthopedica because the waiting times were short and by that time, I couldn’t even get out of bed. In one week, I had completed all the necessary examinations and the operation took place 10 days later. The doctors and all the staff had an excellent approach. I got a titanium joint of the highest quality and my life finally returned to normal. A year later, I don’t have any problems. I would recommend Clinica Orthopedica to anyone with the same problems. I owe a lot to the operating team and the staff of the clinic; I wish them all the best in the years to come.

Etela (1944) hip prosthesis

I suppose it’s normal for people of my age to have mobility problems, but my problems had gone on for several years. Every day, getting up cost me immense effort and pain. Injections didn’t help anymore and the only option was to replace the joint. After carefully weighing up all the pros and cons, I decided to go to a private clinic, despite the cost. I chose Clinica Orthopedica because it had a very good reputation and high-quality, certified prostheses. It was also close to where I live. I appreciate the approach of the doctors and nurses, and especially the short wait for the operation. Everything went very smoothly and after a few weeks, I was able to walk with just one crutch. Now 3 years have passed and despite my age, I can get around without pain. Once again, thank you very much to everyone at the clinic, especially the doctors, who are really masters in their field.

Peter (1935) hip prosthesis

I want to say a big thank you to the doctors and all the staff of Clinica Orthopedica, where I got a hip replacement two years ago. The whole preparation and the operation, followed by a 5-day stay in hospital went very well; the staff and the doctors were amazing and very professional. I thank everyone at the clinic; I wish you all the best for the coming years.

Ján (1939) hip prosthesis

As an active athlete, I put a lot of stress on my musculoskeletal system from an early age, and at a relatively young age I started to have problems with my knee joints. I suddenly had to cut back on sports and the only way to get back into my original way of life was an operation. From the athletes around me, I heard about a private orthopaedic clinic in Bratislava. Mainly because of the recommendations from my friends, I decided to pay for a higher standard of care and I don’t regret it. The operation went very well, and 5 years on, I am grateful to the whole team at the clinic for their outstanding work.

Marián (1985) knee prosthesis

It was just after the birth of my third grandchild when I decided I could no longer put off having a knee operation. The pain made it impossible to walk normally, go up or down stairs or properly take care of my grandchildren and my dog. A good friend recommended that I look up Clinica Orthopedica in Bratislava on the Internet. Although I would have to pay extra for the higher standard of care, I didn’t hesitate, because elsewhere I would have had to wait several months, if not years. The operation went very well; a month after the joint replacement, I was able to walk with nearly no pain. I also found the rehabilitation nurses at the clinic very helpful and I would also like to thank them for their super care.

Svetlana (1949) knee prosthesis

As I got older, I began to have more and more problems walking; I hobbled and I could only manage the stairs with great pain and difficulty. A day came when I said, “that’s enough. I want to spend the last years of my life as an active pensioner.” There are quite a lot of places here where you can get a hip replacement. The state hospitals told me that I would have to wait several years, so I started looking for another solution. I put my trust in a private clinic in Bratislava because I was glad of the short (nearly non-existent) waiting period and the friendly staff. Other considerations were the implant’s quality, and the super-sterile operating theatre, which had no equal in Slovakia then. I am grateful for the excellent work they did, because even 6 years after the operation, I have a full and active life.

Ivan (1944) hip prosthesis

After my first operation – a hip replacement – I knew I was going to need another. My hereditary deformity and the problems that it causes me not just with walking sent me to the hospital. My first operation was a hard one in the state hospital in our town. The several weeks lying down, slow recuperation, rehabilitation and the rest put me off another operation for a long time. After a few years, my pain came back, and when I could barely get up from a chair, I began looking for a hospital where I wouldn’t have to stay more than a week and which would provide high-quality rehabilitation, which is really important after an operation. I found the private clinic, Clinica Orthopedica. My daughter made all the arrangements and made an appointment for an initial examination. I had my operation in 3 weeks. Afterwards, I was already able to take a few steps with a crutch on the second day and I went home on the 5th day. Luckily, I had no post-operation complications, and if I ever needed another joint operation, I would certainly go to this hospital. I am still grateful to the doctors, nurses and the whole team at the clinic.

Malvina (1936) hip prosthesis

I spent my whole life working in a factory, so for a long time I had problems with my back and also with my joints and musculoskeletal system. As I got older, the problems got worse, and when I retired, I could only walk with crutches. Local injections, exercises, wraps and electrotherapy did no good anymore. I wanted to be able to move around and at least reduce the pain in my spine and joints. I looked for a hospital where they would be able to help me in a short time. An acquaintance that I used to work with told me about the private orthopaedic clinic and I went to visit it in person. I did some research on the surgeons who operated there and the facilities and the services it offered. I was impressed by the friendly staff and the friendly approach of the doctor who carried out the initial examination, where they found that I had some slipped discs. I had an operation within two weeks, and within three months I could put away my crutches. Thank you to all the staff at the clinic for helping me to walk without crutches.

Mária (1942) intervertebral disc surgery

I highly appreciate the way I was treated, not only by the orthopaedic doctors at the clinic but also by the nurses and all the staff. I needed an operation because the pain made it almost impossible to walk and I couldn’t move without crutches. I made my decision mainly based on the quality of the prosthesis, the sterile operating theatre, the comfortable facilities and the short stay in the hospital. I know that when I need an operation on my other knee, I will come back to this great clinic. I can really recommend it to everyone who has difficulty moving and who can afford the cost of the operation and the higher class of treatment.

Svetlana (1956) knee prosthesis

As I got older, it got harder and harder to stand up and walk. I was looking for a clinic where I would not have to wait long to see a doctor and get an operation. My children found the first clinic to specialise in this area in our country and I made an appointment immediately. My joint was falling apart and I needed an operation – I got it within a month. I can only praise the approach and the open communication of the doctors and all the staff. I knew exactly what I could expect, what prosthesis I would get and so on. I had rehabilitation in the place where I live, the post-operation check was excellent and even 5 years later I can walk without pain. I certainly don’t regret choosing this clinic.

Martin (1939) hip prosthesis