Even when I was young, I had trouble with my hip. After I became a mother and got older, the problems got worse and it was only a matter of time before I would need an operation. For three years I walked with a stick, but then the day came when I made up my mind. The clinic was recommended by an acquaintance who had had good experiences there several times. One of the most important considerations was that the clinic has a super-sterile operating theatre, which I think is important for this sort of operation. I had the operation half a year ago and since then my health has been better every day without any complications. It’s an incredible feeling: not being able to walk and suddenly being able to walk again. Now I have to take care not to make the movements that I shouldn’t, and walking without pain is something normal. My quality of life has changed a lot. For all this, I owe a debt of gratitude to Doctor Jakubik, the whole operating team and the rest of the staff. From my first visit to the time I was discharged from the clinic, I received perfect treatment as a client and above-standard care. I would recommend this clinic to anyone who is still making up their mind – it is a substantial investment, but it is worth it to be able to move without pain.

Alexandra (1958) hip prosthesis

For several years, I suffered from pain in my knees and because of my job, where I was always on my feet, it just got worse. I started looking for a specialist clinic that could give me a long-lasting replacement as soon as possible. After a long period of outpatient treatment, many injections, rehabilitation, etc., I took my orthopaedist’s advice to read up on the internet about Clinica Orthopedica. I made an appointment for an initial examination, where the doctor gave me all the necessary information, and within a month I had my operation. I can say that the care I received, the personnel and the clinic itself were a very pleasant surprise for me. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the whole operating team and I am glad that I chose this hospital.

Martin (1940) knee prosthesis

I am grateful to the nurses and the chief physician at Clinica Orthopedica, who took excellent care of me during my stay. The operation went off without a hitch. The three nights in hospital passed very quickly and I am grateful for the perfect outcome of the operation.

Alica (1989) knee prosthesis

From birth, my right leg was always a little shorter, and later every step began to be painful for me. One of my acquaintances recommended Clinica Orthopedica, where there was a short waiting period. After the operation, I felt great. The slight pain soon passed. I appreciate starting rehabilitation the day after the operation. I also had a month at a spa, and a year after the operation I am completely fit! Thank you to all the staff at the hospital and I wish you many satisfied patients!

Mária (1959) hip prosthesis

I have nothing but praise for all the staff at CLINICA ORTHOPEDICA. They have an excellent approach. The diagnosis is quick and it is as comfortable as being in a hotel. I can take part in sports again and I am fully active. I am grateful for the postoperative care and thorough rehabilitation. I would certainly recommend it.

Stano (1980) knee prosthesis

I had already waited a year for a joint replacement and I was slowly losing my mobility. I decided to start looking on the Internet for a private clinic. For me, the deciding factors were the super-sterile operating theatre and the brief stay in hospital after the operation. I have no regrets and I would recommend the hospital at Clinica Orthopedica to anyone. The best was the kind treatment, the excellent food and the overall care by the doctors.

Ján (1948) hip prosthesis

For many years, I suffered from knee pain because I was standing all day. It gradually got harder and harder for me to walk and became painful to get up for work. I was looking for the clinic with the best, highly experienced doctors. My son recommended a clinic in Ružinov – Clinica Orthopedica, which was the first orthopaedic clinic in our country. Several of my acquaintances had had operations there. I made an appointment for an initial examination and 3 weeks later I had my operation. I can recommend the team of doctors at Clinica Orthopedica to everyone, and the care was excellent too. Thank you everyone.

Michal (1951) knee prosthesis

I decided to go to the private healthcare facility at Clinica Orthopedica because I would have had to wait a long time to see a doctor in the place where I live. The extensive damage to my hip joint meant I needed an operation as soon as possible. The operation took just 3 hours and I got a high-quality titanium joint. The wound healed well and the post-operation examination gave me the all-clear. Thanks to solid rehabilitation, I can now work again. Many thanks to all the doctors, to the whole operating team and the nurses.

Jaromír (1958) hip prosthesis

As an active athlete, I had several small and large injuries, and the pain in my knees forced me to cut back on sports activity. Because I knew how common post-operation inflammation and the like can be, I wanted a clinic with the most sterile possible operating theatre. At the recommendation of a colleague, I contacted Clinica Orthopedica and within 2 weeks my knee joint was replaced. Half a year later, after regular rehabilitation, I was able to do sports again. I am grateful to the whole team, the nurses and the chief physician, who took outstanding care of me. I wish them only satisfied patients.

Alica (1989) knee prosthesis

From birth, my left leg was always a little shorter, and later it became very painful to walk. One of my acquaintances recommended Clinica Orthopedica, where they had short waiting periods. When I had an MRI scan, the very kind chief physician immediately made a diagnosis and recommended a hip replacement because the joint was close to falling apart. It took me a relatively short time to recover from the operation; the next day, while I was still at the hospital, I started exercising and walking a few steps with a crutch. After 4 months, I was finally able to walk normally again! I can warmly recommend this clinic to everyone. It costs something extra, but it’s worth it. Thank you very much.

Miriam (1946) hip prosthesis